the Electro-Fetish Project OTIKON (formerly YAB YUM) is a multimedia group that creates dark, hard-edged electronic music and video. They merge the synthetic and organic components in their live shows to create an intense hybrid of rhythmic sight and sound.

Click 'n Drag, the Batcave, Limelight, Xorvia, Gomorrah, the Black and Blue ball and SMack! are a few of the clubs and events they've played, becoming a favorite of the New York fetish scene.

OTIKON are currently working on a full length album/video CD due out later this year. They've done remixes for artists as varied as Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Spooky, Mindless Self Indulgence and James Plotkin (Scorn).

as YAB YUM, they have also created sonic landscapes for many art events in New York including the Deviant Playground, Siggraph's Computer & Sex show, multiple IFAM productions (The Grotto of Gagnakon, Bosch Food Chain, the Hive of Mutants), Collective Unconscious and many others. They have released selected material on Liquid Sky’s Home Entertainment label. OTIKON is comprised of long term members of the New York underground (Industrial, ambient, techno) music scenes. This musically diverse trio straddles many contemporary electronic musical genres to create interesting new hybrids.